Yolanda Onderwater
West Papoea, de kinderen
Volunteer in Raja Ampat

As a 56 year old grandma from Holland. I was a volunteer in Sawinggrai in December 2015. With my background as children teacher, I developed a small program to learn the children in Sawinggrai a little bit English.
My intention was to learn the children English by playing and learning at the same time!
Children love to learn and it is even more fun as the “learing” is wrapped in a small program. Every day I gathered the children and learned them the word of the day. One day was all about fruit. The other day I choose a theme like nature or animals. Or plastic.  For two hours a day the children made drawings,  sang songs or  gathered materials related to the theme of the day. Very popular was reading them a children book (every day the same book in English, until they were proud to remember the words)  or watching a small video on the computer.
And ALL in English... 
These children are the future entrepreneurs, the future homestay owners, maybe the future spa-owners or even the  leaders of the village. Raja Ampat will be their heritage. They need to be able to communicate with native English speakers to preserve this paradise. Because, apart from better communication it also raises their awareness on the beautiful environment the live in. 


And it all starts with the children.

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