Yolanda Onderwater
Over Yolanda (Engels)

About Yolanda


A deep passion and curiosity to the essence of healing...
Interest and love for the Balinese culture...
Experience in practice as a healer for 18 years...
Traumahealing in Sri Lanka...
Coaching and guiding development workers abroad 
Together they are the basis for my motivation and 'drive'



After 17 years working as a paranormal therapist in Holland, it was time to travel around the world : 


In 2008

For several months I studied in Indonesia  the “natural healing” on Bali and Java. I observed the different type of healing and worked and shared the knowledge of the invisible world. 

Besides that I offered practical and organizing aid (on freelance base) in a school for children with a mental disability.

In 2009
I got the opportunity to help traumatized children in the south of Sri Lanka.  These children were still suffering the consequences of the tsunamie after four years. They had problems like learning disabilities, concentration problems, sleeping problems or wetting their beds  We gave trauma-healing to the children as well as to the earth and helped them to face the world with trust again.

In 2010

I stayed for six months in Indonesia, mainly on Bali.   

During these months  we developed  the Foundation Sukacita. The mission of the foundation is to find ways of creating conditions in which children with a (mental) limitations can thrive to the best of their advantage. The employees of Sukacita share their knowledge on Balinese schools ( SLB).We seek to cooperate with the government of Bali.  www.sukacita.org

2011 - 2019

In these years I will be six months per year in Holland and six months in Indonesia to help out the Sukacita foundation by coaching and guiding the employees. I will continue my research of healingwork on Bali.  
he environment of the “Island of Gods” enriched my life.


Beautiful people, nice experiences, heartwarming stories.

Working from the heart with the knowledge from the West and respect for the Eastern culture and religion enriched my life. It gave me the direction to what life is in ESSENCE.

And that’s not so complicated...
That just Love.

  .....enough ingredients for a creative life....
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